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Private Wells

General Water Quality Group

This battery of tests assures basic potability of your well water. This test includes the following analyses:

Explanation of Analyses

Chloride / Sodium

Chloride in drinking water may impart a salty taste and can be harmful to both the heart and the kidneys.


While mild discoloration is not a factor of great health concern, it does detract from the appeal of your drinking water.


Hardness is an indication of soap’s ability to clean. If your water is too hard, you’ll have to use more soap.

Iron / Manganese

Excessive iron and manganese levels can cause rust-like stains.

Nitrate / Nitrite

Used to identify wastewater intrusion


Odor sometimes provides the first warning of potential hazards.


Water with a low pH can cause deterioration of plumbing.


High levels of sulfate may cause diarrheah

Total Coliform Bacteria Count

Invasive germs may cause disease.


Provides a medium for microbial growth